Spencer Stone, who helped thwart an attack on a French train last August, greets fans during a celebration honoring them in Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 11, 2015. REUTERS/Max Whittaker

France hero was breaking up fight when stabbed

Spencer Stone, the U.S. Air Force airman who helped thwart an August train attack in France, was trying to stop a fight between a man and a woman outside a Sacramento, California bar when he was stabbed during a brawl on Thursday, a witness told a local TV station.

Drugs seized from Fonthill home

Police executed a search warrant at a Fonthill home Thursday that led to the arrest of two men and seizure of fentanyl, marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone.

Franki Ikeman/Welland Tribune/Postmedia Network

Thanksgiving at the Hope Centre

Canadian Tire supervisor Dave Minor delivers some turkey lunches to people at the Hope Centre's annual Thanksgiving dinner, put on by Canadian Tire Financial Services Thursday.

(Source: Niagara Regional Police)

Crystal meth arrests in Falls

Three Niagara residents face crystal meth charges stemming from a police investigation into the sale of the drug from a Niagara Falls motel room.