Doug Herod


Doug Herod

HEROD: The not-so-humble folks of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls boosters do not do understatement.Rather, they specialize in hyperbole.The latest example came from a ceremony held this week to announce the selection of a consortium to design, build, finance and maintain a new 5,000-seat entertainment centre for the casino.

Doug Herod

HEROD: To make an omelet, break eggs

Thank goodness for the Grape and Wine parade.And I’m not talking about the actual procession of floats, bands and Shriners, either.Rather, my shout out is in recognition of its power to set road construction deadlines.

The Kiwanis aquatic centre pool was closed after a section of interior came loose. Bob Tymczyszyn/St. Catharines Standard

Herod: Indoor aquatic woes could lead to outdoor fun

The recent damage to St. Catharines’ indoor pool is likely to prove costly.I’m not talking about the repairs. Presumably, fixing the Kiwanis Aquatics Centre’s ceiling and lighting fixtures won’t break the bank.Then again, when has anything ever broken the public-sector bank?The cost of which I speak comes further down the road.