The Ridgeway Lioness Presented The Helen Keller Fellowship Award

Nancy Eckert

By Nancy Eckert

The Helen Keller Fellowship was presented to Glad Brandt on the June 2013 meeting.

This beautiful dedication was given by Lioness Gay Bradbury

Glad has been tireless within Lioness, she has worn many hats. A Lioness member for 10 years who leads by example within the club, no job is too great or small for her attention, from project leader to club president and District Cabinet member. She has sponsored many new members to our club. She is often the driver for many Lioness excursions. She has helped with the Lions dinner when she hasn't been feeling well and should have been home resting.

She also exemplifies the same traits within the community and her home. She is always there to get you to your appointments whether it to a Doctor or dentist, hair appointment, shopping or for you to pick up your car or pick you up at the airport. She invites you into her home at a moments notice for tea or coffee or even to convalesce after health crisis or when you feel unsafe in your own home and need a place to sleep. Her house is often used for storage, books, coffee table for over two years, plants, stuff nobody else wants to take. She will drop in and cheer up people if they are lonely and need company. She does all this with compassion for her friends and acquaintances. I have seen her put Lioness and others first time, after time. I'm Blessed to know her as a friend, community friend and a Lioness.

Lioness Glad Brandt


The Helen Keller Fellowship is presented those who through untiring service, has given light in the darkness, warmth in the cold, compassion in the hurt, and humanity in the suffering to her fellow being. She lives the creed Service to others.

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