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jason butler

By jason butler

The recent, and very sad event concerning the young girl from Nova Scotia, Rateah has hit very close to home for me. Although my sons recent and ongoing bullying situations may not be as tragic, they are killing his self esttem. My son has dealt with bullying for the past several years now. We recently changed schools to french emersion. This was to be a great opportunity for my son to learn a secon language and get a fresh start. Unfortunately it did not turn out this way. Very early in the year he had an incident with bullying. I made a phone call to the pricipal to explain my sons history with bullying and the reason for the change. She assured me that bullying was a "zero tollerence" attitude at the school. We enjoyed many problem free months, my son was excelling and seemed very happy. He recently has been the target of a group of boys both in and out of the classroom. In one very recent event he had a collision on the playground with another boy. He was on the ground crying when three other little boys decided to shove grass into his mouth. My wife called the school and was told "boys will be boys". This was unacceptable to my wife and I. We then called the superintendant for the board of education. Unfortuanetly I wasn't able to speak directly to him. I had to give my information to his assistant, she would then forward it to him for review. The assistant told me to go back to the principal. My immediate thought was "did that, nothing happened". Sounded an awful lot like passing the buck to me. I called the police and had an officer to my home to take a report. The officer was very kind and understanding. However, My sons school was out of his juristiction. He advised me that all schools have a liason and he would get report to him. We went all of a couple of weeks before the next incident. I went into the school absolutely furios. I told the pricipal and the vice principal that thaey needed to back their so-called "zero tollerance" policy and actually impliment it. I threatened to take the story to the media, of course they were greatly concerned and were going to immediately enact new and old bullying policies. I was assured that there would be no more issues. Well, sorry to say that was last Thursday, today is Tuesday and my son almost had his arm broken by one of the same offenders on top of the constant name calling. I am at a loss of the total failure of the so called system, and all parties involved. My instincts tell me to pull my son out of the school immediately. My son wants to stay in the french emersion program and is really excelling at it. Why should he have to loose out because of the ignorance of these young kids or the inability to enact and keep the the policies put forth by the board of education?

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