Cheryl Clock, The Standard

Cheryl Clock is a feature writer at The Standard in St. Catharines, Ontario.


Our mommy has a girlfriend ...

Holding hands in public with her girlfriend felt natural. Instinctive and loving. An expression of connectedness between two women who were dating.

Bailey Paddy holds a memory box filled with reminders of her baby boy, Logan. (Cheryl Clock/Standard Staff/Postmedia News)

NIAGARA CLOSEUP: Honouring the life of a baby

Bailey Paddy, 21, wants to share the story of her experience of having a stillborn baby. On Sunday she is hosting a candllelight vigil in St. Catharines.

A thank you from Club LaSalle

Club LaSalle celebrated 60 years by collecting at least six barrels of food for Community Care.

Greg's homies have extra chromies

He begged his mom to go on the water slide. Kathy McPherson looked into her son's eyes and sighed: “Wait till your father gets here,” she instructed Greg, who was about seven years old.

History unearthed in NOTL

They dig for buried stories. Pieces of the past entombed in layers of earth that hold the secrets of history.