Signs display history of Waverly

By Sarah Ferguson, Fort Erie Times

Strolling down the Friendship Trail near Waverly beach, bicyclists and pedestrians can now pass by something which was once part of the rich history of Fort Erie.

Although the Erie Beach Amusement Park closed over 80 years ago, remnants of it remain-and the public's fascination with the story continues to grow.

Now, brand new plaques designed like scrapbooks-with photos and memories-sit along the promenade telling the story of the amusement park which once stood along the beach.

Mayor Doug Martin gave a speech at a short unveiling ceremony of the plaques this past Wednesday. He thanked the many people who were responsible for their efforts in bringing these plaques to the trail, including the Friendship Trail Committee and the Fort Erie Historical Museum.

He also thanked the Fort Erie Rotary Club for their clean-up efforts of Waverly Beach.

The mayor says the plaques were very much needed. "It's another layer for people to experience as they walk along the trail."

Signe Hansen, manager of parks and open space development, says the plaques were part of the construction plan of the Friendship Trail.

She also says the process began six months ago and it was something residents have been asking for.

"Lots of people are excited to see history being told."

An avid user of the Friendship Trail, Carl Midgly, says he is happy about the plaques which tell the story of the old amusement park.

"People see the remnants of what used to be here and I am often stopped by people riding their bikes and asked what used to be here."

Midgly says he never minds taking a few minutes out of his walk to answer questions about what used to sit along the trail.

"There's a lot of history in Fort Erie people don't know about."

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